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User Interface

- Gateway topic to presentation (like printing and graphics) and user interface routines. Textual User Interfaces Curses et al.
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User Interface
Text-based, GUI, Audio, Video, Keyboards, Mouse, Images,...

Text Strings
Conversions, tests, processing, manipulation,...

Integer, Floating point, Matrix, Statistics, Boolean, ...

Algorithms, Memory, Process control, Debugging, ...

Stored Data
Data storage, Integrity, Encryption, Compression, ...

Networks, protocols, Interprocess, Remote, Client Server, ...

Hard World
Timing, Calendar and Clock, Audio, Video, Printer, Controls...

File System
Management, Filtering, File & Directory access, Viewers, ...

Subject Divisions (default selections)
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Keyboard Interfaces

Textual User Interfaces - Text and Character-oriented user interfaces

Curses - Curses (Library for text display interfaces)

Message Catalogs/Local language adaptations - Message catalogs, local language adaptations. error message tables, etc.

Images and Graphics - Images and Graphics. Interactive edit, transform, et al.

Graphical Output - Generating Graphical output and images, including fonts, displays, printing

Graphical User Interfaces - including window managers, screen savers, et al.

Video and Multimedia - (including animations, movies, animated GIFs)

Mouse and Pointer Interfaces

See also: Message Catalogs/Local language adaptations - Message catalogs, local language adaptations. error message tables, etc.

#Overviews and other related subjects# - related, but not under or including this subject directly.

Books: Showing

Building Accessible Websites (With CD-ROM)
[Joe Clark; 2002-07-26] ISBN 073571150X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (3rd Edition)
[Ben Shneiderman; 2002-02-04] ISBN 0201694972
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

User-Centered Design: An Integrated Approach
[Karel Vredenburg, et al; 2001-12-13] ISBN 0130912956
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Designing from Both Sides of the Screen: How Designers and Engineers Can Collaborate to Build Cooperative Technology
[Ellen Isaacs, Alan Walendowski; 2001-12-10] ISBN 0672321513
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Interactivity By Design
[Ray Kristof, Amy Satran; 2001-10-18] ISBN 1568302215
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Usability Engineering: Scenario-Based Development of Human Computer Interaction
[Mary Beth Rosson, et al; 2001-10-15] ISBN 1558607129
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Human-Computer Interaction in the New Millennium
[John M. Carroll (Editor); 2001-08-08] ISBN 0201704471
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

User Interface Design for Programmers
[Joel Spolsky; 2001-07] ISBN 1893115941
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Software Design & Usability : Talks with Bonnie Nardi, Jakob Nielsen, David Smith, Austin Henderson & Jed Harris, Terry Winograd and Stephanie Rosenbaum
[Klaus Kaasgaard; 2000-10] ISBN 8716134958
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Humane Interface: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems
[Jef Raskin; 2000-03-24] ISBN 0201379376
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Interface Design & Document Design.
[Piet Westendorp (Editor), et al; 2000-01] ISBN 9042005106
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

A Practical Guide to Usability Testing
[Joseph S. Dumas, Janice C. Redish; 1999-10] ISBN 1841500208
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Usability Engineering Lifecycle: A Practitioner's Handbook for User Interface Design
[Deborah J. Mayhew; 1999-04-15] ISBN 1558605614
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Software for Use: A Practical Guide to the Models and Methods of UsageCentered Design (ACM Press)
[Larry L. Constantine, Lucy A. D. Lockwood; 1999-04] ISBN 0201924781
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Developing User Interfaces
[Dan R. Olsen Jr., et al; 1998-06-15] ISBN 1558604189
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

User and Task Analysis for Interface Design
[Joann T. Hackos, Janice C. Redish; 1998-02-09] ISBN 0471178314
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Human-Computer Interaction (2nd Edition)
[Alan J. Dix (Editor), et al; 1998-01-12] ISBN 0132398648
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Elements of User Interface Design
[Theo Mandel; 1997-02] ISBN 0471162671
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

International User Interfaces
[Jakob Nielsen (Editor), Elisa M. Del Galdo (Editor); 1996-06-15] ISBN 0471149659
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

(Partial list shown.)
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Articles: Showing

Scaling Up Agent Coordination Strategies ( Edmund H. Durfee ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-07)

- Exactly what an intelligent agent is and in what sense a computational agent can behave intelligently remain the subjects of considerable debate. However, most researchers and developers would agree that coordination is an intelligent agent's central concern. Without coordination, agents can unintentionally waste their efforts, squander resources, or fail to accomplish objectives that require collective effort. Advances in agent-oriented software engineering make it possible to develop complex, distributed systems, but the component agents must be able to act and interact flexibly. Characterizing agent population properties, their task environments, and their collective behavior are key to understanding the capabilities and limitations of coordination strategies that support flexible component agent interaction. Researchers face the challenge of developing a better-- preferably quantifiable--understanding of exactly how far different strategies can scale along the dimensions required to apply intelligent agent systems to increasingly challenging problems.

Sketching Interfaces: Toward More Human Interface Design ( James A. Landay, Brad A. Myers ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-03)

- An interactive user-interface design tool supports electronic sketching, giving designers more freedom to change sketches and more flexibility in creating and evaluating a design prototype.

Separating User Interface Code ( Martin Fowler ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-03)

Usability Basics for Software Developers ( Xavier Ferré, Natalia Juristo, Helmut Windl, Larry Constantine ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-01)

- This tutorial examines the relationship between usability and the user interface and discusses how the usability process follows a design-evaluate-redesign cycle. It also discusses some management issues an organization must face when applying usability techniques.

Usability and the Bottom Line ( George M. Donahue ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-01)

- There's little debate that usability engineering benefits end users, but its benefit for companies and the people who work for them is less widely known. The author discusses these broader usability benefits and also how to use a cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate the value of usability to your company's bottom line.

Guest Editors' Introduction: Introducing Usability ( Natalia Juristo, Helmut Windl, Larry Constantine ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-01)

Partnering Usability with Development: How Three Organizations Succeeded ( Karla Radle, Sarah Young ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-01)

- Improving product usability enhances an organization's productivity, competitiveness, and profitability. However, integrating usability practice—or human factors engineering—into an organization is challenging. These case studies examine how three organizations succeeded.

Engineering Joy ( Marc Hassenzahl, Andreas Beu, Michael Burmester ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-01)

- Joy of use has become a buzzword in user interface design although serious attempts at defining it remain sparse. The authors propose systematic methods of taking into account one of its main determinants, hedonic quality, and its complex interplay with usability and utility as a step toward truly engineering the user experience.

Integrating Usability Techniques into Software Development ( Jean Anderson, Francie Fleek, Kathi Garrity, Fred Drake ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-01)

- Focusing on the user early in the development process goes a long way toward improving product quality and eliminating rework. In this article, the authors show how their company is working toward this goal.

Thinking Outside the Box at the IHMC ( Scott Hamilton ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-01)

- The IHMC's human-centered-computing approach to research embraces a closely interrelated collection of theory-based, yet highly practical, applications.

Face Recognition for Smart Environments ( Alex (Sandy) Pentland, Tanzeem Choudhury ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-02)

- Computers of the future will interact with us more like humans. A key element of that interaction will be their ability to recognize our faces and even understand our expressions.

Mobile-Agent Coordination Models for Internet Applications ( Giacomo Cabri, Letizia Leonardi, Franco Zambonelli ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-02)

- Internet applications face challenges that mobile agents and the adoption of enhanced coordination models may overcome. To win the race, coordination models have to be inspired by the Linda coordination model and enriched by programmable reactivity.

Facing Up to New Interfaces ( Ilan Greenberg ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-04)

Wearable Devices: New Ways to Manage Information ( Mark Billinghurst, Thad Starner ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-01)

- The new generation of wearables may look very much like eyeglasses or even an ordinary jacket. But with this new convenience comes a host of challenges in redefining the bond between computer and user.

Guest Editor's Introduction: Migrating Software to the World Wide Web ( Ellis Horowitz ; IEEE Software Magazine 1998-05)

- We are often faced these days with having to port an existing application to our company's Web-based intranet. This special focus section deals with some of the problems software developers have faced, and how they have solved them, when porting legacy software to the Web.

New Interfaces: Making Computers More Accessible ( John Edwards ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1997-12)

Teaching Agents to Learn: From User Study to Implementation ( David Maulsby, Ian H. Witten ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1997-11)

- By testing and critiquing our design ideas with human users, we were able to stay focused on our most important objective: intelligent agents that make computer-based work more productive and more enjoyable.

Designing Interfaces for Programmers ( Robin Jeffries ; IEEE Software Magazine 1997-11)

- Tools, techniques, and concepts to optimize user interfaces.

Navigating the Applet-Browser Divide ( Erika Kindlund ; IEEE Software Magazine 1997-09)

- Tools, techniques, and concepts to optimize user interfaces.

(Partial list shown.)
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Questions and Answers

Others not displayed here
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Applications and Utilities: Showing

GTKeyboard - allows the user to press keys on an onscreen keyboard that will either be entered into a simple text editor, or into the application of choice. {GPL,GNU}

At GNU project

freedialog-0.3 - An implementation of dialog(1) under a BSD-friendly license

At FreeBSD Ports

at-spi-0.12.1 - An Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface

At FreeBSD Ports

iface - Generic user interface kit {oss}

At comp.sources.unix at UUNET

Applications and Utilities

Others not displayed here
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Libraries and Components: Showing

libgii-0.7 - API for input sources

At FreeBSD Ports
libgii-0.1.tgz - General Input Library (used by libggi) (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386)
libgii-0.6.tgz - General Input Library (used by libggi) (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
libgii-0.1.tgz - General Input Library (used by libggi) (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages sparc)
libgii-0.6.tgz - General Input Library (used by libggi) (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
libgii-0.6.tgz - General Input Library (used by libggi) (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)
libgii-0.6 - General Input Interface - API for all possible input sources (At NetBSD packages collection)

swig-1.3.11 - Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator

At FreeBSD Ports
http://www.freebsd.org/ports/devel.html#swig-1.3.11 (At FreeBSD Ports)
swig-1.1p5_8 (At FreeBSD Ports)
swig-1.3a5.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
swig-1.3a5.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)

Joystick.C - Joystick support functions {oss,msdos}

At snippets.org

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Text File Output - Methods of printing and displaying text files.

Terminal I/O - low-level character based display (TTY) and keyboard routines.

Printing and Printer Interface

Audio Hardware - Audio input and output

See also Hardware Access - Gateway topic to hardware and real-time related processing routines.

See also Text Strings - Gateway topic to character and string processing routines. NUL Terminated String processing String conversions,et al. ascii to long, long to

(There may be additional related subject pages listed here)

External Categories

Computers : Human Factors :

(Metalab at UNC) /pub/linux/system/access/ - support for blind and deaf access to linux

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