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About RocketAware

RocketAware started as The Reuse RKT, an index to open source software at mibsoftware.com. It continues to keep a heavy focus on serving the needs of software developers. Commercial products are listed now as well. Open source software is still provided as a filtered listing.

Information explosion refers to two tendencies seen on the World Wide Web.
  • the increase in the quantity of information available
  • the scattering of useful information into diverse locations.

RocketAware.com exists to counter information explosion. This is done using the principles of Rapid Knowledge Transfer: getting visitors to wanted information efficiently (with fewer clicks, less reading, and less waiting.) See Visitor tips for ways to get the most benefit from rocketaware.

We have developed software to
  • Enable the construction of an extremely comprehensive index and portal web site which grows dynamically. Topics which grow large are subcategorized instead of splitting into numbered sub-pages. Categories are added as needed.
  • Allow a single skilled editor/librarian to integrate listings, selecting categories by hand at rates of 100 per hour or more! A human is best at organizing and selecting categories to be used by humans. Machine-selected categories don't create good indexes. With the software, a single editor can create and manage thousands of listings, leading to consistent indexing of items into hundreds of categories.
  • Provide RocketLinks directly to similar detailed categories at other sites. This further shortens the time to reach needed information we may not list.

The principles of Rapid Knowledge Transfer apply to any substantial information domain with interrelated topics -- from instruction manuals, to FAQs, to web sites. We deliver efficient awareness, and you can too. Custom and modified versions of the RocketAware software as well as consulting services are provided from Mib Software. Our clients benefit from the many techniques and solutions we have used to develop RocketAware.

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