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- Puzzles and Games without graphical images, just text
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Text Games - Puzzles and Games without graphical images, just text

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Information and Publications: Showing

OS/2 Dos Games Settings List (Part 1 of 2)

At faqs.org Part 2 
At MIT Part 1  Part 2 

Mac Game Resources on the Internet FAQ

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/macintosh/games-resource-guide (At MIT)

comp.sys.mac.games FAQ

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/macintosh/games-faq (At MIT)

Designing Games: rec.games.design FAQ [monthly]

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/games/design-FAQ (At MIT)

comp.sys.amiga.games Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/amiga/games-FAQ (At MIT)

rec.games.int-fiction FAQ 1/3

rec.games.int-fiction FAQ 2/3 (At MIT)
rec.games.int-fiction FAQ 2/3 (At faqs.org)
rec.games.int-fiction FAQ 3/3 (At MIT)
ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/games/interactive-fiction/part1 (At MIT)
rec.games.int-fiction FAQ 3/3 (At faqs.org)

[rec.arts.int-fiction] Interactive Fiction Authorship FAQ (1/3)

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/games/interactive-fiction/authoring/part1 (At MIT)
[rec.arts.int-fiction] Interactive Fiction Authorship FAQ (2/3) (At MIT)
[rec.arts.int-fiction] Interactive Fiction Authorship FAQ (3/3) (At MIT)
[rec.arts.int-fiction] Interactive Fiction Authorship FAQ (3/3) (At faqs.org)
[rec.arts.int-fiction] Interactive Fiction Authorship FAQ (2/3) (At faqs.org)

Books: Showing

Windows Game Sdk Developer's Guide : Master the Art of Programming Directdraw, Directsound, and Directplay with C++
[Dennis, Gregory C. and Rubin, James R. ; Coriolis Group, Inc. ] ISBN 1883577845
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

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Applications and Utilities: Showing

Jzip - John's Zcode InterPreter. Runs Infocom & Inform bytecode images (games). Supports all UNIX with termcap/curses, DOS w BCC and MSQC, OS/2, and in progress is a cross-platform GUI front end using wxWindows. Unicode/multicodepage support is planned {BSD-like}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

zh-fortunetw-1.1 - A very classic fortune file in Taiwan

At FreeBSD Ports

smiley-4.0 - A "server" to print out a smiley with it's explanation

At FreeBSD Ports

ru-fortuneru-0.1 - Fortune file in Russian

At FreeBSD Ports

patanjali-1.0 - Displays a verse from Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Chatbot-Eliza-0.97 - A clone of the classic Eliza program

At FreeBSD Ports

kenny-1.7 - Translate text both to and from KennySpeak

At FreeBSD Ports

fist-4.0 - An emphatic message generator

At FreeBSD Ports

cryptoslam-1.1 - A curses-based tool for creating and solving the cryptograms

At FreeBSD Ports

dadadodo-1.03 - Text processor which analyses text and generates random sentences

At FreeBSD Ports

greed-game-3.3 - A text puzzle game with the aim of clearing the game field

At FreeBSD Ports

sex-1.0_1 - Spouts silly mad-lib-style porn-like text

At FreeBSD Ports

wordplay-7.22 - Simple program to generate anagrams

At FreeBSD Ports

geekcode-1.7 - A Geek Code Generator

At FreeBSD Ports

lexter-1.0.3 - A real-time word puzzle for text terminals

At FreeBSD Ports

dungeon-1.0 - Text adventure game of ZORK

At FreeBSD Ports

gnarr-2 - A program for generating battle cries

At FreeBSD Ports

fortuneit-1.51 - A very funny fortune file in Italian

At FreeBSD Ports

speak-1.2 - Generates random middle-management synergy speak

At FreeBSD Ports

cowsay-3.03_1 - Configurable talking characters in ASCII art

At FreeBSD Ports
cowsay-3.03 - Configurable talking cow (At NetBSD packages collection)

gnomegames- - The game applications package for the Gnome Desktop Environment

At FreeBSD Ports

xzip-1.8.2 - An Infocom game interpreter that runs under X11

At FreeBSD Ports
xzip-1.8 - Z-code interpreter for X11 (Infocom game format) (At NetBSD packages collection)

xinfocom-1.8m - An Infocom game interpreter for X11. [X]

At FreeBSD Ports

jzip-2.0.1g - A text-mode Infocom game interpreter.

At FreeBSD Ports

inform-6.21 - Compiler for producing text adventure games

At FreeBSD Ports

ifm-4.1 - Interactive Fiction mapper and walkthrough generator

At FreeBSD Ports

frotz-2.42 - Infocom games interpreter

At FreeBSD Ports
frotz-2.32.tgz - Curses-based interpreter for Infocom-compatible games (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
frotz-2.32.tgz - Curses-based interpreter for Infocom-compatible games (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
frotz-2.41 - Curses-based interpreter for Infocom-compatible games (At NetBSD packages collection)

bogged-1.0.0 - Word game for X Window System.

At FreeBSD Ports

block-0.6 - Small text based maze game

At FreeBSD Ports

an-0.93 - Fast anagram generator

At FreeBSD Ports
an-0.93.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386)
an-0.93.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
an-0.93.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages sparc)
an-0.93.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
an-0.93.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)

Linux Letters and Numbers - Educational Childrens Game for Linux {x,GPL}

MAGE Adventure Game Engine - Framework for playing and (in the future) authoring text-based adventure games. {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

gfortune - Enhanced fortune cookie program {GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

wscr - A program to solve word jumbles and permute strings. {BSL}

(Info at freshmeat)

I Love Phonics

Disney's Winnie the Pooh: ABC's (Jewel Case)

Hoyle Word Games 2002

Reader Rabbit I Can Read With Phonics

Reader Rabbit Learn to Read With Phonics

Dr. Seuss ABC (Jewel Case)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Third Edition

Jeopardy! (2nd Edition)

Curious George Learns Phonics

Curious George Pre-Kindergarten ABCs

Upwords (Jewel Case)

Boggle (Jewel Case)

Blues Clues ABC Time Activities (Jewel Case)

You Don't Know Jack 5th Dementia

Hoyle Word Games 2000

Super Text Twist

Word On Word 2.0

Crossword 365 2.0 Pda

Applications and Utilities

Others not displayed here
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