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Books: Showing

Web and Software Development: A Legal Guide (With CD-ROM)
[Stephen Fishman; 2002-03-31] ISBN 0873376455
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Readings in CyberEthics
[Richard Spinello (Editor), Herman T. Tavani (Editor); 2001-11] ISBN 076371500X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Laws of the Web
[Bernardo A. Huberman; 2001-10] ISBN 0262083035
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Beyond Our Control? Confronting the Limits of Our Legal System in the Age of Cyberspace
[Stuart Biegel; 2001-10] ISBN 0262025043
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Copyright Your Software (3rd Edition)
[Stephen Fishman; 2001-10] ISBN 0873377192
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Computer Ethics (3rd Edition)
[Deborah G. Johnson; 2000-12-15] ISBN 0130836990
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Embracing Insanity: Open Source Software Development
[Russell Pavlicek, Robin Miller; 2000-09] ISBN 0672319896
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Ontology of Cyberspace : Philosophy, Law, and the Future of Intellectual Property
[David R. Koepsell; 2000-08-30] ISBN 0812694236
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cyberlaw: Text and Cases
[Gerald R. Ferrera, et al; 2000-08-10] ISBN 0324012977
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cyberethics : Social & Moral Issues in the Computer Age
[Robert M. Baird (Editor), et al; 2000-04] ISBN 1573927902
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers
[Jerry Lawson; 1999-09-15] ISBN 1570736405
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Legal Battles That Shaped the Computer Industry
[Lawrence D. Graham; 1999-08-30] ISBN 1567201784
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cyberlaw: the Law of the Internet
[Jonathan Rosenoer; 1997-01-15] ISBN 0387948325
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Gift of Fire, A: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing
[Sara Baase; 1996-12-17] ISBN 0134587790
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Internet and Online Law (Commercial Law Intellectual Property Series)
[Kent D. Stuckey; 1996-10] ISBN 9996099636
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Articles: Showing

Organizational Benchmarking Using the ISBSG Data Repository ( Chris Lokan, Terry Wright, Peter R. Hill, Michael Stringer ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-09)

- In 1999, an organization contributed a large group of enhancement projects to the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group's Data Repository. The contributing organization received an individual benchmark report for each project, comparing it to the most relevant projects in the repository. The ISBSG also performed an organizational benchmarking exercise that compared the organization's set of 60 projects as a whole to the repository as a whole. The benchmarking exercise aimed to provide valuable information to the organization and to measure the benchmarking exercise's effectiveness given the repository's anonymous nature.

The Need for Openness in Standards ( Ken Krechmer ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-06)

- A standardization project's openness affects the resulting standard's value.

Open Source Software Development: An Overview ( Ming-Wei Wu, Ying-Dar Lin ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-06)

- Although some challenge the value of open source software development, its popularity cannot be disputed. This overview of open source licensing and development models describes some of the movement's main principles.

Software Engineering and the Law ( John Cosgrove ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-05)

Surviving Global Software Development ( Christof Ebert, Philip De Neve ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-03)

- Although there are many good reasons to globally distribute development activities, success is not guaranteed by just opening a development center in another region of the world. This article summarizes experiences and distills best practices from true global software development.

Open Source Software Adoption: A Status Report ( Huaiqing Wang, Chen Wang ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-03)

- Open source software has emerged from the hacker community and become commercially viable, but because of many misgivings and myths regarding its maturity, making informed software adoption decisions is hard. Systematically applying requirements-oriented criteria to a representative set of open source software offers a practical roadmap for navigating this new landscape.

Debunking Software Patent Myths ( Larry Graham ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-07)

Recent Patent Reform Legislation ( Larry Graham ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-05)

The Sociology of Open Source: Of Cults and Cultures ( Robert L. Glass ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-05)

What Knowledge Is Important to a Software Professional? ( Timothy C. Lethbridge ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-05)

- Efforts to develop licensing requirements, curricula, or training programs for software professionals should consider the experience of the practitioners who actually perform the work.

New Computer Departments Reflect our Changing Industry ( James H. Aylor ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-03)

The Evitability of Software Patents ( W. Neville Holmes ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-03)

- Hobbling software with a medieval artifact like the patent may stifle innovation, benefiting the moneyed few at the expense of everyone else.

Redefining IT Career Paths for the New Millennium ( John Edwards ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-01)

What Do You Mean I Can't Call Myself a Software Engineer? ( John R. Speed ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-11)

- In June 1998, the Texas Board of Professional Engineers established software engineering as a recognized engineering discipline and established licensing criteria specifically suited to software engineers. The author explains the legal issues involved and how they affect you.

How the New Software Engineering Code of Ethics Affects You ( Don Gotterbarn ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-11)

- The Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice has recently been approved. This article looks at the immediate and long-term implications: Why does a profession need a code of ethics? How will this code function in an emerging profession like software engineering? What impact will it have on software practitioners?

Trademarks and Potholes on the Superhighway ( Larry Graham ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-09)

Does the Patent Office Respect the Software Community? ( Gregory Aharonian ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-07)

Managing at Light Speed ( Lynn Carrier ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-07)

Technology Convergence: A Wider Landscape ( Leonard L. Tripp, Thomas J. Plevyak ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-06)

(Partial list shown.)
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Questions and Answers: Showing

Ending Harassment from Microsoft and the BSA? [2002/05/06]

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Explaining the GPL to Non-Lawyers? [2002/05/03]

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Submitting Corporate IP to Open Source Projects? [2002/04/22]

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Tracking Code to Its Origins? [2002/03/30]

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Beta-Testers and Intellectual Property? [2002/02/04]

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When is it Legal to Reverse Engineer Software? [2002/01/24]

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Software Transferability? (or the lack of it) [2001/09/19]

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For the Older Techies: What to Do After Retirement? [2001/07/05]

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How Much Do Employers Budget for Education? [2001/06/28]

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Employers Who Hold Back Their Employees? [2001/06/04]

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Writing Your Own NDA? [2001/05/28]

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How Do You Fight A Dress Code? [2001/05/27]

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"For Use on Free Operating Systems, Only!" [2001/05/24]

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Hiring Open Source Developers for Closed Source Work? [2001/05/18]

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Commercial Support for Open Source Products? [2001/04/27]

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GNU and the General Public Employment Contract? [2001/04/25]

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Contractor Discounts When Working With Open Source? [2001/04/16]

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What Will Happen to Rented Software When Its Publisher Sinks? [2001/04/09]

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Measuring EM Waves for Home/Office Safety? [2001/03/31]

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Which Software Patents Are Worthwhile? [2001/03/29]

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A Framework For Quality Assurance? [ 2000/09/23]

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Is There A Standard for Software Metadata? [ 2000/09/18]

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Are 'Server Emulators' Legal? [ 2000/08/31]

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Open Source License For Incremental Compilers? [ 2000/08/26]

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Functional Programming Languages as Free Speech? [ 2000/08/25]

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When Convincing Management to Open the Software? [ 2000/08/24]

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'Roofing' Your Cubicle? [ 2000/08/13]

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Can Programmers Become Legally Liable for Their Code? [ 2000/08/10]

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Orphanages For Abandoned Free Software? [ 2000/08/08]

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Commercial Apps Can Link With GPL'd Libraries? [ 2000/08/07]

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When Should Source Be Released? [ 2000/08/04]

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Licenses And Ethics? [ 2000/08/02]

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Software Packaging And The Environment? [ 2000/06/20]

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On DDoS, SPAM, Telemarketing And Harrasment? [ 2000/04/18]

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Web Sites And Open Content License Issues [ 2000/04/17]

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GPL/LGPL Issues - Moving GPL'd Code into Libs? [ 2000/04/16]

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Code As Free Speech -- Pandora's Box? [ 2000/04/05]

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Books On Societal Effects Of Computers? [ 2000/03/22]

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Do Geeks Have a Political Voice? [ 2000/03/20]

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Does A Software License Cover Patches? [ 2000/03/18]

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The End of Unix? [ 2000/03/15]

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Changing the Software License? [ 2000/03/14]

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Wildcard DNS, Session Management And Prior Art [ 2000/03/10]

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Open Sourcing Windows Based Project [ 2000/03/03]

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Open Source and Legal Protection [ 2000/01/22]

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Open Source License For Databases? [ 1999/12/28]

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Postgres, WinNT and CygWin Licensing [ 1999/11/03]

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Searching for the Correct License [ 1999/08/28]

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Is There An Internet Artists License? [ 1999/07/31]

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Comparing Open Source Licenses [ 1999/05/17]

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How do you Start an Open Source Project? [ 1998/12/22]

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