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Implementation of routing for communications and networking
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Information and Publications: Showing

RFC2385 Protection of BGP Sessions via the TCP MD5 Signature Option. [c. 1998/08/01]

RFC2283 Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP-4. [c. 1998/02/01]

RFC1627 Network 10 Considered Harmful (Some Practices Shouldn't be Codified). [c. 1994/06/01]

RFC2042 Registering New BGP Attribute Types. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1998 An Application of the BGP Community Attribute in Multi-home Routing. [c. 1996/08/01]

RFC1997 BGP Communities Attribute. [c. 1996/08/01]

RFC1966 BGP Route Reflection An alternative to full mesh IBGP. [c. 1996/06/01]

RFC1631 The IP Network Address Translator (NAT). [c. 1994/05/01]

RFC1965 Autonomous System Confederations for BGP. [c. 1996/06/01]

RFC1863 A BGP/IDRP Route Server alternative to a full mesh routing. [c. 1995/10/01]

RFC1774 BGP-4 Protocol Analysis. [c. 1995/03/01]

RFC1773 Experience with the BGP-4 protocol. [c. 1995/03/01]

RFC1745 BGP4/IDRP for IP---OSPF Interaction. [c. 1994/12/01]

RFC1657 Definitions of Managed Objects for the Fourth Version of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP-4) using SMIv2. [c. 1994/07/01]

RFC1771 A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4). [c. 1995/03/01]

RFC1367 Schedule for IP Address Space Management Guidelines. [c. 1992/10/01]

RFC1466 Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space. [c. 1993/05/01]

RFC1365 An IP Address Extension Proposal. [c. 1992/09/01]

RFC1403 BGP OSPF Interaction. [c. 1993/01/01]

RFC2391 Load Sharing using IP Network Address Translation (LSNAT). [c. 1998/08/01]

RFC2386 A Framework for QoS-based Routing in the Internet. [c. 1998/08/01]

RFC2370 The OSPF Opaque LSA Option. [c. 1998/07/01]

RFC2356 Sun's SKIP Firewall Traversal for Mobile IP. [c. 1998/06/01]

RFC2344 Reverse Tunneling for Mobile IP. [c. 1998/05/01]

RFC2341 Cisco Layer Two Forwarding (Protocol) "L2F". [c. 1998/05/01]

RFC2340 Nortel's Virtual Network Switching (VNS) Overview. [c. 1998/05/01]

RFC2338 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. [c. 1998/04/01]

RFC2336 Classical IP to NHRP Transition. [c. 1998/07/01]

RFC2335 A Distributed NHRP Service Using SCSP. [c. 1998/04/01]

RFC2334 Server Cache Synchronization Protocol (SCSP). [c. 1998/04/01]

RFC2333 NHRP Protocol Applicability Statement. [c. 1998/04/01]

RFC1814 Unique Addresses are Good. [c. 1995/06/01]

RFC2332 NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP). [c. 1998/04/01]

RFC2329 OSPF Standardization Report. [c. 1998/04/01]

RFC2297 Ipsilon's General Switch Management Protocol Specification Version 2.0. [c. 1998/03/01]

RFC2281 Cisco Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP). [c. 1998/03/01]

RFC1326 Mutual Encapsulation Considered Dangerous. [c. 1992/05/01]

RFC1347 TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (TUBA), A Simple Proposal for Internet Addressing and Routing. [c. 1992/06/01]

RFC1338 Supernetting: an Address Assignment and Aggregation Strategy. [c. 1992/06/01]

RFC1322 A Unified Approach to Inter-Domain Routing. [c. 1992/05/01]

RFC1294 Multiprotocol Interconnect over Frame Relay. [c. 1992/01/01]

RFC2280 Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL). [c. 1998/01/01]

RFC2270 Using a Dedicated AS for Sites Homed to a Single Provider. [c. 1998/01/01]

RFC2267 Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing. [c. 1998/01/01]

RFC2266 Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.12 Repeater Devices. [c. 1998/01/01]

RFC2260 Scalable Support for Multi-homed Multi-provider Connectivity. [c. 1998/01/01]

RFC2238 Definitions of Managed Objects for HPR using SMIv2. [c. 1997/11/01]

RFC2201 Core Based Trees (CBT) Multicast Routing Architecture. [c. 1997/09/01]

RFC2154 OSPF with Digital Signatures. [c. 1997/06/01]

RFC1493 Definitions of Managed Objects for Bridges. [c. 1993/07/01]

RFC1850 OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base. [c. 1995/11/01]

RFC2328 OSPF Version 2. [c. 1998/04/01]

RFC1772 Application of the Border Gateway Protocol in the Internet. [c. 1995/03/01]

RFC1812 Requirements for IP Version 4 Routers. [c. 1995/06/01]

RFC2129 Toshiba's Flow Attribute Notification Protocol (FANP) Specification. [c. 1997/04/01]

RFC2128 Dial Control Management Information Base using SMIv2. [c. 1997/03/01]

RFC2124 Cabletron's Light-weight Flow Admission Protocol Specification Version 1.0. [c. 1997/03/01]

RFC1930 Guidelines for creation, selection, and registration of an Autonomous System (AS). [c. 1996/03/01]

RFC1371 Choosing a Common IGP for the IP Internet. [c. 1992/10/01]

RFC1375 Suggestion for New Classes of IP Addresses. [c. 1992/10/01]

RFC1380 IESG Deliberations on Routing and Addressing. [c. 1992/11/01]

RFC1383 An Experiment in DNS Based IP Routing. [c. 1992/12/01]

RFC1385 EIP: The Extended Internet Protocol. [c. 1992/11/01]

RFC1721 RIP Version 2 Protocol Analysis. [c. 1994/11/01]

RFC1723 RIP Version 2 - Carrying Additional Information. [c. 1994/11/01]

RFC1724 RIP Version 2 MIB Extension. [c. 1994/11/01]

RFC1397 Default Route Advertisement In BGP2 and BGP3 Version of The Border Gateway Protocol. [c. 1993/01/01]

RFC1433 Directed ARP. [c. 1993/03/01]

RFC1795 Data Link Switching: Switch-to-Switch Protocol AIW DLSw RIG: DLSw Closed Pages, DLSw Standard Version 1. [c. 1995/04/01]

RFC1476 RAP: Internet Route Access Protocol. [c. 1993/06/01]

RFC1477 IDPR as a Proposed Standard. [c. 1993/07/01]

RFC1478 An Architecture for Inter-Domain Policy Routing. [c. 1993/07/01]

RFC1479 Inter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol Specification: Version 1. [c. 1993/07/01]

RFC1482 Aggregation Support in the NSFNET Policy-Based Routing Database. [c. 1993/07/01]

RFC1504 Appletalk Update-Based Routing Protocol: Enhanced Appletalk Routing. [c. 1993/08/01]

RFC1525 Definitions of Managed Objects for Source Routing Bridges. [c. 1993/09/01]

RFC1581 Protocol Analysis for Extensions to RIP to Support Demand Circuits. [c. 1994/02/01]

RFC1582 Extensions to RIP to Support Demand Circuits. [c. 1994/02/01]

RFC1987 Ipsilon's General Switch Management Protocol Specification Version 1.1. [c. 1996/08/01]

RFC1955 New Scheme for Internet Routing and Addressing (ENCAPS) for IPNG. [c. 1996/06/01]

RFC2102 Multicast Support for Nimrod : Requirements and Solution Approaches. [c. 1997/02/01]

RFC2024 Definitions of Managed Objects for Data Link Switching using SMIv2. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC2009 GPS-Based Addressing and Routing. [c. 1996/11/01]

RFC1586 Guidelines for Running OSPF Over Frame Relay Networks. [c. 1994/03/01]

RFC1587 The OSPF NSSA Option. [c. 1994/03/01]

RFC1620 Internet Architecture Extensions for Shared Media. [c. 1994/05/01]

RFC2008 Implications of Various Address Allocation Policies for Internet Routing. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC2107 Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol - ATMP. [c. 1997/02/01]

RFC2041 Mobile Network Tracing. [c. 1996/12/01]

RFC1638 PPP Bridging Control Protocol (BCP). [c. 1994/06/01]

RFC1681 On Many Addresses per Host. [c. 1994/08/01]

RFC1701 Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE). [c. 1994/10/01]

RFC1702 Generic Routing Encapsulation over IPv4 networks. [c. 1994/10/01]

RFC1722 RIP Version 2 Protocol Applicability Statement. [c. 1994/11/01]

RFC1735 NBMA Address Resolution Protocol (NARP). [c. 1994/12/01]

RFC1765 OSPF Database Overflow. [c. 1995/03/01]

RFC1786 Representation of IP Routing Policies in a Routing Registry (ripe-81++). [c. 1995/03/01]

RFC1787 Routing in a Multi-provider Internet. [c. 1995/04/01]

RFC1793 Extending OSPF to Support Demand Circuits. [c. 1995/04/01]

RFC1801 MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support MHS Routing. [c. 1995/06/01]

RFC2106 Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol. [c. 1997/02/01]

RFC1853 IP in IP Tunneling. [c. 1995/10/01]

RFC1878 Variable Length Subnet Table For IPv4. [c. 1995/12/01]

RFC2105 Cisco Systems' Tag Switching Architecture Overview. [c. 1997/02/01]

RFC2103 Mobility Support for Nimrod : Challenges and Solution Approaches. [c. 1997/02/01]

RFC2002 IP Mobility Support. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC1370 Applicability Statement for OSPF. [c. 1992/10/01]

RFC2006 The Definitions of Managed Objects for IP Mobility Support using SMIv2. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC2005 Applicability Statement for IP Mobility Support. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC2096 IP Forwarding Table MIB. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1868 ARP Extension - UNARP. [c. 1995/11/01]

RFC1879 Class A Subnet Experiment Results and Recommendations. [c. 1996/01/01]

RFC1923 RIPv1 Applicability Statement for Historic Status. [c. 1996/03/01]

RFC2101 IPv4 Address Behaviour Today. [c. 1997/02/01]

RFC1931 Dynamic RARP Extensions for Automatic Network Address Acquisition. [c. 1996/04/01]

RFC1937 "Local/Remote" Forwarding Decision in Switched Data Link Subnetworks. [c. 1996/05/01]

RFC1940 Source Demand Routing: Packet Format and Forwarding Specification (Version 1). [c. 1996/05/01]

RFC2004 Minimal Encapsulation within IP. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC2098 Toshiba's Router Architecture Extensions for ATM : Overview. [c. 1997/02/01]

RFC2081 RIPng Protocol Applicability Statement. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1953 Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol Specification for IPv4 Version 1.0. [c. 1996/05/01]

RFC1954 Transmission of Flow Labelled IPv4 on ATM Data Links Ipsilon Version 1.0. [c. 1996/05/01]

RFC2092 Protocol Analysis for Triggered RIP. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC2091 Triggered Extensions to RIP to Support Demand Circuits. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC2003 IP Encapsulation within IP. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC1988 Conditional Grant of Rights to Specific Hewlett-Packard Patents In Conjunction With the Internet Engineering Task Force's Internet-Standard Network Management Framework. [c. 1996/08/01]

RFC2072 Router Renumbering Guide. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1992 The Nimrod Routing Architecture. [c. 1996/08/01]

RFC2001 TCP Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Retransmit, and Fast Recovery Algorithms. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1265 BGP Protocol Analysis. [ 1991/10/01]

RFC1267 Border Gateway Protocol 3 (BGP-3). [ 1991/10/01]

RFC1269 Definitions of Managed Objects for the Border Gateway Protocol: Version 3. [ 1991/10/01]

RFC1266 Experience with the BGP Protocol. [ 1991/10/01]

RFC1264 Internet Engineering Task Force Internet Routing Protocol Standardization Criteria. [ 1991/10/01]

RFC1256 ICMP Router Discovery Messages. [ 1991/09/01]

RFC1246 Experience with the OSPF Protocol. [ 1991/07/01]

RFC1245 OSPF Protocol Analysis. [ 1991/07/01]

RFC1254 Gateway Congestion Control Survey. [ 1991/07/01]

RFC1222 Advancing the NSFNET routing architecture. [ 1991/05/01]

RFC1219 On the assignment of subnet numbers. [ 1991/04/01]

RFC1195 Use of OSI IS-IS for routing in TCP/IP and dual environments. [ 1990/12/01]

RFC1181 RIPE Terms of Reference. [ 1990/09/01]

RFC1142 OSI IS-IS Intra-domain Routing Protocol. [ 1990/02/01]

RFC1136 Administrative Domains and Routing Domains: A model for routing in the Internet. [ 1989/12/01]

RFC1125 Policy requirements for inter Administrative Domain routing. [ 1989/11/01]

RFC1133 Routing between the NSFNET and the DDN. [ 1989/11/01]

RFC1126 Goals and functional requirements for inter-autonomous system routing. [ 1989/10/01]

RFC1131 OSPF specification. [ 1989/10/01]

RFC1124 Policy issues in interconnecting networks. [ 1989/09/01]

RFC1104 Models of policy based routing. [ 1989/06/01]

RFC1102 Policy routing in Internet protocols. [ 1989/05/01]

RFC1092 EGP and policy based routing in the new NSFNET backbone. [ 1989/02/01]

RFC1093 NSFNET routing architecture. [ 1989/02/01]

RFC1069 Guidelines for the use of Internet-IP addresses in the ISO Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol. [ 1989/02/01]

RFC1074 NSFNET backbone SPF based Interior Gateway Protocol. [ 1988/10/01]

RFC1058 Routing Information Protocol. [ 1988/06/01]

RFC1051 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams and ARP packets over ARCNET networks. [ 1988/03/01]

RFC1044 Internet Protocol on Network System's HYPERchannel: Protocol specification. [ 1988/02/01]

RFC1028 Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol. [ 1987/11/01]

RFC1027 Using ARP to implement transparent subnet gateways. [ 1987/10/01]

RFC1005 ARPANET AHIP-E Host Access Protocol (enhanced AHIP). [ 1987/05/01]

RFC0995 End System to Intermediate System Routing Exchange Protocol for use in conjunction with ISO 8473. [ 1986/04/01]

RFC0979 PSN End-to-End functional specification. [ 1986/03/01]

RFC0981 Experimental multiple-path routing algorithm. [ 1986/03/01]

RFC0975 Autonomous confederations. [ 1986/02/01]

RFC0970 On packet switches with infinite storage. [ 1985/12/01]

RFC0950 Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure. [ 1985/08/01]

RFC0940 Toward an Internet standard scheme for subnetting. [ 1985/04/01]

RFC0936 Another Internet subnet addressing scheme. [ 1985/02/01]

RFC0932 Subnetwork addressing scheme. [ 1985/01/01]

RFC0917 Internet subnets. [ 1984/10/01]

RFC0911 EGP Gateway under Berkeley UNIX 4.2. [ 1984/08/22]

RFC0904 Exterior Gateway Protocol formal specification. [ 1984/04/01]

RFC0898 Gateway special interest group meeting notes. [ 1984/04/01]

RFC0888 "STUB" Exterior Gateway Protocol. [ 1984/01/01]

RFC0827 Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP). [ 1982/10/01]

RFC0823 DARPA Internet gateway. [ 1982/09/01]

RFC0875 Gateways, architectures, and heffalumps. [ 1982/09/01]

RFC0730 Extensible field addressing. [ 1977/05/20]

RFC2309 Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet. []

comp.protocols.ppp part1 of 8 of frequently wanted information

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comp.dcom.sys.cisco Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/cisco-networking-faq (At MIT)

comp.dcom.cell-relay FAQ: ATM and related technologies (part 1/8)

At faqs.org part 2/8)  part 3/8)  part 4/8) 
At MIT part 1/8)  part 2/8)  part 3/8)  part 4/8) 

Connecting to the Internet Using PPP or a Cable Modem

How to Implement a Firewall with a PPP Dialup Connection

Books: Showing

CCIP: BSCI Study Guide
[Todd Lammle, et al; 2002-06-03] ISBN 0782140955
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Building a Cisco Wireless Lan
[Ron Fuller, Tim Blankenship; 2002-05-15] ISBN 192899458X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco CCNA #640-607 Preparation Library (4th Edition)
[Cisco Systems Inc. (Editor), et al; 2002-04-30] ISBN 1587050935
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco OSPF Command and Configuration Handbook
[William R. Phd Parkhurst, William R. Parkhurst; 2002-04-18] ISBN 1587050714
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Sams Teach Yourself Routing in 24 Hours
[Jerome F. Dimarzio; 2002-04-16] ISBN 0672323648
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco ISP Essentials
[Philip Smith, Barry Raveendran Greene; 2002-04-16] ISBN 1587050412
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

CCNP Practical Studies: Routing
[Henry Benjamin; 2002-04-11] ISBN 1587200546
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Flash Card Practice Kit
[Eric Rivard, et al; 2002-04-10] ISBN 1587200481
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco WAN Switching Professional Reference
[Tracy L Thorpe; 2002-03-27] ISBN 1587050552
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco: The Complete Reference
[Brian Hill; 2002-03-06] ISBN 0072192801
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Juniper Networks(r) Routers: The Complete Reference
[Matt Kolon (Editor), Jeff Doyle (Editor); 2002-02-12] ISBN 0072194812
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

IXP1200 Programming
[Erik J. Johnson, Aaron R. Kunze; 2002-02] ISBN 097128878X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

IP Routing
[Ravi Malhotra; 2002-01] ISBN 0596002750
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks
[Andrew G. Mason, Rick Stiffler; 2001-12-18] ISBN 1587050331
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco Networking Academy Program: First- and Second-Year Interactive Guide
[Cisco Systems Inc. (Editor), et al; 2001-12-17] ISBN 1587130432
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

CCIE Practical Studies, Volume I
[Karl Solie; 2001-12-17] ISBN 1587200023
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco IP Telephony
[David Lovell, Scott Veibell; 2001-12-17] ISBN 1587050501
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Building Wireless Community Networks
[Rob Flickenger; 2001-12-15] ISBN 0596002041
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration
[Dave Hucaby, et al; 2001-12-14] ISBN 1587050242
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

(Partial list shown.)
[Complete List of Books]

Articles: Showing

Comparing POS and ATM Interfaces ( Richard Hay ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-08)

- POS and ATM, the two main interfaces for long-distance data transmissions, both provide advantages and disadvantages.

Linux Update: An Experimental ATM Network ( Thomas C. Jepsen, Steven A. Wright, Richard L. Klevans, Ze Zhang ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-09)

- Both private and public networks increasingly use asynchronous transfer mode to provide high bandwidth and guaranteed quality of service. The ability to use Linux in personal-computer platforms, plus the ready availability of Linux source code, makes the PC-based Linux workstation an ideal platform for ATM multimedia development. Fujitsu has enhanced the ATM capability for Linux platforms and has created an experimental network using ATM on Linux. This article describes some common ATM tools for Linux and reports the results of prototyping using Fujitsu's ATM/Linux development environment.

The Role of ADSL in Internet Access ( Stefan Knight ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-07)

Activating Networks: A Progress Report ( Jonathan M. Smith, Kenneth L. Calvert, Sandra L. Murphy, Hilarie K. Orman, Larry L. Peterson ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-04)

- Research in active networking has moved beyond ad hoc approaches. Several working systems address a range of problems, including congestion control and auctions.

Programmable Networks: Selected Challenges in Computer Networking ( Jonathan M. Smith ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-01)

- Network link throughputs are fast outstripping processor performance and memory capacities. Are there ways to close, or at least manage, this growing mismatch between fiber-optic transmission bandwidth and computer speeds—whether through novel hardware solutions or the increasing programmability of network infrastructures?

Heavy Traffic Drives Networks to IP over Sonet ( David Clark ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1998-12)

High-Speed Data Paths in Host-Based Routers ( Simon Walton, Anne Hutton, Joe Touch ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1998-11)

- Host-based routers offer a number of advantages, but they suffer from inefficient support for high-bandwidth interfaces. One solution is peer-DMA forwarding, in which packets transfer directly between host interfaces.

Are ATM, Gigabit Ethernet Ready for Prime Time? ( David Clark ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1998-05)

Virtual Private Networks: Leveraging the Internet ( Sixto Ortiz Jr. ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1997-11)

Adaptive routing protocols for hypercube interconnection networks ( Patrick T. Gaughan, Sudhakar Yalamanchili ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1993-05)

- A taxonomy for characterizing adaptive routing protocols for hypercube interconnection networks (HINs) is presented. The taxonomy is based on classes of routing decisions common to any HIN. This taxonomy is used to discuss existing and proposed protocols. Rather than an exhaustive enumeration of related research, the protocols selected for discussion are intended to be representative of the classes defined by the taxonomy. These protocols are candidates for use in massively parallel architectures configured with HINs. To provide some insight into their behavior in very large HINs, results of simulation studies of representative protocols are presented.

A Survey of Wormhole Routing Techniques in Direct Networks ( Lionel M. Ni, Philip K. McKinley ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1993-02)

- Several research contributions and commercial ventures related to wormhole routing, a switching technique used in direct networks, are discussed. The properties of direct networks are reviewed, and the operation and characteristics of wormhole routing are discussed in detail. By its nature, wormhole routing is particularly susceptible to deadlock situations, in which two or more packets may block one another indefinitely. Several approaches to deadlock-free. routing, along with a technique that allows multiple virtual channels to share the same physical channel, are described. In addition, several open issues related to wormhole routing are discussed.

Questions and Answers: Showing

Low Cost Routers with 100Mbps WAN Ports? [2002/02/26]

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Wireless Reflector for 802.11b? [2001/09/07]

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Why Can't ADSL Be Reversed? [2001/09/06]

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The Perpetual Search for the Right (Inter)National ISP? [2001/09/06]

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Linksys AP/Routers Not Supporting Non-Microsoft OSs? [2001/06/18]

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Hardware Suggestions for an x86 Linux WAN Router? [2001/06/18]

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Routing to Multiple Providers with Linux? [2001/06/12]

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Altering a Cisco 675 for use on DMT DSL Connection? [2001/05/02]

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Whatever Happened to Internet Redundancy? [2001/04/19]

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Can IP Masquerading Handle L2TP Connections? [ 2000/10/05]

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Software Routers vs. Hardware Routers? [ 2000/06/28]

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How do I set up a machine with two ethernet cards as a router? (Answer #1) [ 1999/09/01]

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How do I set up a machine with two ethernet cards as a router? (Answer #2) [ 1999/09/01]

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Perplexing PPP Problem [ 1999/08/29]

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IP Masquerading Drawbacks? [ 1999/07/25]

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Linux and G.lite [ 1999/07/23]

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NT4 and Dial-Up Connections [ 1999/07/18]

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ADSL Bandwidth Limiting? [ 1999/07/15]

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Configuring a PPP Server? [ 1999/07/11]

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Low Cost IP-based Traffic Shaping? [ 1999/07/06]

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Wireless LAN Options? [ 1999/06/25]

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The Dish [ 1999/06/08]

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Gated 3.5.10 on Libc5 [ 1999/05/21]

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Networking Problems w/ an Intel Ethernet Express Pro [ 1999/01/05]

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Can Cisco's ISL Run Over an SONET ring? [ 1998/12/08]

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Weird PPP Dialup Problems [ 1998/11/21]

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IR Wireless Networks for Laptops? [ 1998/10/24]

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Assitance w/ Linux and the RoadRunner Cable Service. [ 1998/10/02]

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Help ID obscure NIC! [ 1998/09/11]

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an IP-Aliasing super-server? [ 1998/09/09]

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Linux and AS400s [ 1998/08/04]

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Applications and Utilities: Showing

rtquery(8) - query routing daemons for their routing tables {oss}

Man pages: FreeBSD NetBSD
Source code: OpenBSD FreeBSD

route(8) - manually manipulate the routing tables. {oss}

Man pages: FreeBSD NetBSD
Source code: OpenBSD FreeBSD

routed(8) - network RIP and router discovery routing daemon {oss}

Man pages: FreeBSD NetBSD
Source code: OpenBSD FreeBSD

Internet Routing Registry Daemon - An Internet Routing Registry database server that implements the Routing Policy Syntax Language (RPSL), and authentication/distrbution mechanisms. {BSD-like}

At Sourceforge ( Mature)

Multinet - Multinet is a curses-based solution to sharing a dial-up Internet connection using IP masquerading. It keeps track of time on-line, approximate billing information, and makes sure users don't kill connections started by others, amongst other things. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

Zebra - is an implementation of manypopular routing protocols. {GPL,GNU}

At GNU project

bgpq- - Bgpq - lightweight access-list generator for cisco routers

At FreeBSD Ports

vtun-2.5 - Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping

At FreeBSD Ports
vtun-2.3.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
vtun-2.3.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
vtun-2.3.tgz (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)
vtun-2.4 (At NetBSD packages collection)

ssldump-0.9b2 - SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer

At FreeBSD Ports
ssldump-0.9a2 - SLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer (At NetBSD packages collection)

ip-tun-1.0 - Userspace daemon providing an RFC-2003 IP-in-IP tunnel

At FreeBSD Ports

bounce-1.0 - Bounce tcp connections to another machine/port

At FreeBSD Ports
bounce-0.0 - tool to forward TCP connection from one IP to another (At NetBSD packages collection)

brouted-1.2b - Dynamic routing daemon acting on source IP of TCP connection

At FreeBSD Ports

XBone-1.3.1 - A system for dynamic internet overlay deployment and management

At FreeBSD Ports

cisco_conf-1.1 - Simple configuration editor for Cisco devices

At FreeBSD Ports

confregdecode-1.0.1 - Cisco Systems IOS(tm) configuration register decoder

At FreeBSD Ports

radvd-0.7.1 - A Linux/BSD IPv6 router advertisement daemon

At FreeBSD Ports

rp-pppoe-2.8 - The popular Roaring Penguin's PPPoE software

At FreeBSD Ports
Roaring Penguin's PPP over Ethernet client (At NetBSD packages collection)

airoflash-1.3 - Flash utiltity for Cisco/Aironet 802.11 wireless cards

At FreeBSD Ports

arprelease-1.0 - Libnet tool to flush arp cache entries from devices (eg. routers)

At FreeBSD Ports

cdpd-1.0.2 - CDPdaemon - sends Cisco Discovery Protocol announces over ethernet

At FreeBSD Ports

click-1.2.3 - The Click Modular Router

At FreeBSD Ports

ctrace-0.8 - Multiprotocol traceroute tool

At FreeBSD Ports

drbl-1.06 - Distributed Realtime Black List

At FreeBSD Ports

freevrrpd-0.8.4 - This a VRRP RFC2338 Compliant implementation under FreeBSD

At FreeBSD Ports

mlan3-1.00 - Version 3.00 beta API for Dallas Semiconductors 1-wire lan devices

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-JUNOScript-5.2R2.3 - API to exchange information with Juniper Networks routers

At FreeBSD Ports

pancho-4.1 - Perl script useful to configure Cisco routers via TFTP

At FreeBSD Ports

ratoolset-3.5.8 - A suite of policy analysis tools

At FreeBSD Ports

ru-tac+ia-0.96p9.3 - The Cisco remote aaa server (inet-admins edition)

At FreeBSD Ports

scdp-1.0.b - Tool that sends CDP (CISCO Discovery Protocol) Packets

At FreeBSD Ports

sipcalc-1.1.0 - Sipcalc is an IP subnet calculator with IPv6 and CGI interface support

At FreeBSD Ports

stone-2.1d - Stone is a TCP/IP packet repeater in the application layer

At FreeBSD Ports

aclgen-2.02 - Optimize Cisco routers ip access lists

At FreeBSD Ports

gated-3.6.0 - Routing protocol daemon

At FreeBSD Ports
gated-3.5.11 (At NetBSD packages collection)

ciscoconf-1.1 - Fetches configuration from Cisco routers and stores them under RCS

At FreeBSD Ports

mrt-2.2.2a - Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit

At FreeBSD Ports
mrt-2.2.2a.20000811 (At NetBSD packages collection)

zebra-0.92a_1 - Free RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPFv2, BGP4 route software (server/reflector)

At FreeBSD Ports
zebra-0.85.tgz - Free multithreaded routing daemon software (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386)
zebra-0.89.tgz - Free multithreaded routing daemon software (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
zebra-0.85.tgz - Free multithreaded routing daemon software (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages sparc)
zebra-0.91a - Free multithreaded routing daemon software (At NetBSD packages collection)

aggregate-1.6 - Optimise a list of route prefixes to help make nice short filters

At FreeBSD Ports

LineControl Server - LineControl allows you to remotely control the internet connection of a linux masquerading server from multiple clients. It takes care with the number of clients using the connection and decides upon this number whether the connection should be up or d {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge (])

Nways Routevision Campus Manager 3.5 Win-NT

Norton SystemWorks 2.0

mrtd-1.6.0a.tgz - Daemon/Libs/Toolkit for routing BPG4, RIP, OSPF, etc

At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386

mrtd-1.6.0a.tgz - Daemon/Libs/Toolkit for routing BPG4, RIP, OSPF, etc

At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386
http://www.openbsd.org/2.7_packages/i386/mrtd-1.6.0a.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.7_packages/sparc/mrtd-1.6.0a.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages sparc)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.8_packages/m68k/mrtd-1.6.0a.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.8_packages/sparc/mrtd-1.6.0a.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)

Affinity 5250 TCP/IP Over Twinax

6700 SNMP Proxy R2ENT R2 Agent

rdp-1.0.tgz - ICMP router discovery protocol spoofer

At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386
rdp-1.5 - compiles attributed LL(1) grammars into recursive descent compilers (At NetBSD packages collection)

arpcatch.tgz - Userland arp-proxy daemon

At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386

arpcatch.tgz - Userland arp-proxy daemon

At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386
http://www.openbsd.org/2.7_packages/i386/arpcatch.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.7_packages/sparc/arpcatch.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages sparc)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.8_packages/m68k/arpcatch.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.8_packages/sparc/arpcatch.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)

VPS - Virtual Private Network package for Linux [X] {GPL}

rtnppd - TNPP-packets router with TNPP-in-IP encapsulation {BSL}

(Info at freshmeat)

WinProxy 3.0 (5-user)

PC MACLAN 8.1 (10-user)

LanDesk Server Manager 6.1 Software 50 Auth Licensenced CDS

Landesk Workgroup Manager

Landesk Network Manager 1.1

Frame Relay Software For The Atlas 800 Plus

LanDesk Server Manager 6.1

LanDesk Server Manager 6.1

Intel LanDesk Targeted Multicasting Software (100-nodes)

PC MACLAN 7.2 (5-user)

PC Maclan 8.1 (5-user)


PC MACLAN 7.2 (10-user)

Intel Landesk Targeted Multicasting Software (1000 Nodes)

LanDesk Management Suite 6.5 Upgrade (100 Nodes)

HA/F200 NT 4.0 EE to Windows 2000 Migration Kit

At-View Windows Network Manager Standalone S/W For

Auditware For 2.X TO 3.X Upgrade

6700 Comsphere R4-3600 Support

6700 Comsphere R4-APL Support

6700 Comsphere Single User

Unicenter Asset Management

Logicsource NDS for NT

ComSphere 6700 R4-Multi-Channel Support Feature

6700 Comsphere Client Access Software R5

NetworkIt 2.0 Advanced Edition for Win NT/2000 Unlimited IP Devices

NetWizard 4.12

NetWizard Plus 4.12

Castle Rock SNMPC Upgrage Workgroup 4.X or 5.X to Enterprise

pload - a program to monitor ppp activity for X

WinProxy 3.0 (Jewel Case, Unlimited User)

Applications and Utilities

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p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco-1.03 - Perl5 module to telnet to Cisco routers

At FreeBSD Ports

py22-ipy-0.41 - A Python module for handling IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses and Networks

At FreeBSD Ports

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