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Visitor tips

RocketAware was designed and organized in order to deliver efficient awareness. Read more about the history and software at About RocketAware

We provide the following tips to help you maximize the benefit from the features of this site, and use it even more efficiently.

1. After using "search" or "navigation" by category to locate a page, follow the related categories and "up to" links. This allows you to "narrow in" on exactly the category that best fits your need. RocketAware does not use a strict hierarchy so that links can lead across branches, instead of fencing you in.

2. Avoid common problems and questions. Read the FAQs and the "RKT Couplings" (if present) on the page.

3. Use the outbound RocketLinks to reach detailed categories and more links at other sites.

4. Use the full text search capability. Since this searches a narrow focus index, you get a short list of relevant pages, not hundreds of questionable ones. The page's context (parent categories) is provided as part of the summary results to help in selecting pages.

5. Use RocketAware filters. Cut down on the size of pages by using the RocketAware filters to show only a subset of items. The main pages list all items, but it is often helpful to show just software to run, or items of interest to developers, for example. If a filtered page does not show what you need, look for it on the main page.

6. If you don't find what you want, that doesn't mean it does not exist. Help keep the RocketAware increasingly useful by sharing tips, URLs, ideas, and content

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