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Parallel and Distributed Processing

Clusters, multi-cpu, heterogeneous, homogeneous, et al.
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Books: Showing

Linux Clustering: Building and Maintaining Linux Clusters
[Charles Bookman; 2002-07-17] ISBN 1578702747
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Power of Events: An Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise Systems
[David Luckham; 2002-05-08] ISBN 0201727897
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms
[Maarten Van Steen, Andrew S. Tanenbaum; 2002-01-15] ISBN 0130888931
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Beowulf Cluster Computing with Windows
[Thomas L. Sterling, et al; 2001-10] ISBN 0262692759
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux
[Thomas Sterling (Editor), et al; 2001-10] ISBN 0262692740
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Professional JMS
[Scott Grant, et al; 2001-03] ISBN 1861004931
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Parallel I/O for High Performance Computing
[John M. May; 2000-10] ISBN 1558606645
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design (3rd Edition)
[George Coulouris, et al; 2000-08-07] ISBN 0201619180
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Parallel and Distributed Simulation Systems (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)
[Richard M. Fujimoto; 1999-12] ISBN 0471183830
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

High Performance Cluster Computing: Programming and Applications, Volume 2
[Rajkumar Buyya (Editor); 1999-06-25] ISBN 0130137855
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

How to Build a Beowulf
[Thomas L. Sterling, et al; 1999-05-28] ISBN 026269218X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - DDJ Mention - At Half

High Performance Cluster Computing: Architectures and Systems
[Rajkumar Buyya (Editor); 1999-05-21] ISBN 0130137847
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Elements of Distributed Algorithms : Modeling and Analysis With Petri Nets
[Wolfgang Reisig; 1998-12] ISBN 3540627529
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Parallel Programming: Techniques and Applications Using Networked Workstations and Parallel Computers
[Barry Wilkinson, C. Michael Allen; 1998-08-12] ISBN 0136717101
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

In Search of Clusters (2nd Edition)
[Gregory F. Pfister; 1998-01] ISBN 0138997098
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Articles: Showing

Mastering Agreement Problems in Distributed Systems ( Michel Raynal, Mukesh Singhal ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-07)

- Nonblocking atomic commitment is a well-known agreement problem of practical interest to distributed-systems engineers and designers. The authors present this problem as a case study in the context of synchronous and asynchronous distributed systems to survey recent notions about failure detection. They also show how systems engineers can use these findings to gain deeper insight into the challenges they encounter.

Middleware Challenges Ahead ( Kurt Geihs ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-06)

- Facing dynamic modifications in distributed system technology, middleware developers strive to support applications that meet the technical challenges of ubiquitous computing.

Instruction-Level Distributed Processing ( James E. Smith ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-04)

- Shifts in hardware and software technology will soon force designers to look at microarchitectures that process instruction streams in a highly distributed fashion.

Speculative Multithreaded Processors ( Gurindar S. Sohi, Amir Roth ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-04)

- Speculation will overcome the limitations in dividing a single program into multiple threads that can execute on the multiple logical processing elements needed to enhance performance through parallelization.

Executable Specifications for Embedded Distributed Systems ( Miroslav Sveda, Radimir Vrba ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-01)

- Designers can use hardware components and an executable specification language to efficiently prototype embedded distributed systems.

The Challenge of Tamperproof Internet Computing ( Edmund M.A. Ronald, Moshe Sipper ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-09)

- Internet computing—harnessing global communication to increase computational power—is now possible. But will it ever truly be secure?

Cellular Processing Tools for High-Performance Simulation ( Domenico Talia ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-09)

- Cellular automata offer a powerful modeling approach for complex systems in which global behavior arises from the collective effect of many locally interacting, simple components. Several tools based on CA are providing meaningful results for real-world applications.

Distributed File Sharing: Barbarians at the Gates? ( Michael Macedonia ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-08)

- Will the MP3 format and Napster's distributed file sharing bankrupt music publishers—or help them reach even more consumers?

Distributed Net Applications Create Virtual Supercomputers ( George Lawton ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-06)

Guest Editors' Introduction: Real-Time Distributed Object Computing- An Emerging Field ( Eltefaat Shokri, Phillip Sheu ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-06)

APIs for Real-Time Distributed Object Programming ( K.H. (Kane) Kim ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-06)

- This article focuses on application programming interfaces (APIs) that take the form of C++ and Java class libraries and support high-level, high-precision, real-time object programming without requiring new language translators.

Generic Support for Distributed Applications ( Jean Bacon, Ken Moody, John Bates, Richard Hayton, Chaoying Ma, Andrew McNeil, Oliver Seidel, Mark Spiteri ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-03)

- Existing and emerging applications require timely response to asynchronous events and secure interoperability of independent services in large-scale, widely distributed systems. To meet these needs, Cambridge University researchers developed middleware extensions that provide a flexible, scalable approach to distributed-application development.

A Codesign Approach for Distributed Systems ( Hessam S. Sarjoughian, Bernard P. Zeigler, Daryl R. Hild ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-03)

EPIC: Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing ( Michael S. Schlansker, B. Ramakrishna Rau ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-02)

- EPIC defines a new style of architecture that could rival RISC in terms of impact. This philosophy seeks to simplify hardware while extracting even more instruction-level parallelism from programs than either VLIW or superscalar strategies.

Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions ( Shreekant (Ticky) Thakkar, Tom Huff ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-12)

- Streaming data—data that's used only once and discarded—characterizes today's 3D and video applications. Pentium III's Streaming SIMD Extensions boost the performance of these applications.

Virtue: Performance Visualization of Parallel and Distributed Applications ( Eric Shaffer, Daniel A. Reed, Shannon Whitmore, Benjamin Schaeffer ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-12)

- The Virtue prototype exploits human sensory capabilities to help performance analysts explore and optimize large-scale, multidisciplinary applications. The visualization environment lets collaborators interact with executing software, tuning its behavior to meet performance goals.

Solving Einstein's Equations on Supercomputers ( Gabrielle Allen, Tom Goodale, Gerd Lanfermann, Thomas Radke, Edward Seidel, Werner Benger, Hans-Christian Hege, Andre Merzky, Joan Massó, John Shalf ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-12)

- Globally distributed scientific teams, linked to the most powerful supercomputers, are running visual simulations of Einstein's equations on the gravitational effects of colliding black holes.

Chameleon: Hierarchical Clustering Using Dynamic Modeling ( George Karypis, Eui-Hong (Sam) Han, Vipin Kumar ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-08)

- Many advanced algorithms have difficulty dealing with highly variable clusters that do not follow a preconceived model. By basing its selections on both interconnectivity and closeness, the Chameleon algorithm yields accurate results for these highly variable clusters.

Component-Based APIs for Versioning and Distributed Applications ( Robert J. Stets, Galen C. Hunt, Michael L. Scott ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-07)

- Constrained by the need to support legacy applications, current APIs tend to be large, rigid, and focused on a single host machine. Component-based APIs promise to solve these problems through strong versioning capabilities and support for distributed applications.

(Partial list shown.)
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Applications and Utilities: Showing

pypvm {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

Cilk - Parallel multithreaded programming language based on ANSI C. Easy to use, comes with a compiler and a runtime system. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

GNOME seti applet - Displays the status of any seti@home client in a small GNOME panel applet. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

seti_applet-0.4.1_1 - An applet that displays current status of seti@home client

At FreeBSD Ports

dnetc-2.8015.469_2,1 - Distributed.net distributed computing (rc5/ogr) project

At FreeBSD Ports

setiathome-3.03_3 - Donate idle cycles to the search for space aliens

At FreeBSD Ports
setiathome-3.03 - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - at home (At NetBSD packages collection)

clusterit-2.0 - A collection of clustering tools

At FreeBSD Ports
clusterit-1.3 - Clustering package for unix (At NetBSD packages collection)

proxyper-freebsd3-elf-x86-319c_1 - The official distributed.net v2 personal proxy

At FreeBSD Ports

pvm-3.4.3 - Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment

At FreeBSD Ports
ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/packages/pkgsrc/parallel/pvm3/README.html (At NetBSD packages collection)

kelp-1.3_1 - KeLP is a software infrastructure for parallel computing

At FreeBSD Ports

pm3-netobj-1.1.15 - PM3 distributed objects package supporting robust distributed applications

At FreeBSD Ports

tkseti-3.06 - Tk-based interface to SETI@Home

At FreeBSD Ports

SETISupport-0.74 - JAVA application that shows current state of seti@home client

At FreeBSD Ports

ParMetis-2.0 - A package for parallel (mpi) unstructured graph partitioning

At FreeBSD Ports

fooseti-0.6.6_2 - GTK+ frontend to SETI@Home

At FreeBSD Ports

gkrellmseti-0.6.5 - A SETI@home plugin for GKrellM

At FreeBSD Ports

ksetispy-0.3.5 - Monitors the progress of the SETI@home client

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-POE-Component-Client-UserAgent-0.04 - LWP and LWP::Parallel based POE component

At FreeBSD Ports

Applications and Utilities

Others not displayed here
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Libraries and Components: Showing

PVM++ - This library provides an easy way to program the widely used parallel programming library <A HREF="http://www.epm.ornl.gov/pvm/">PVM</A>, which works in homogenous and heterogenous network environments. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)
pvm++-0.6.0 - A C++-Library for PVM (At FreeBSD Ports)

ptl-2.1.8 - A user level multi-thread library based on POSIX 1003.1c API

At FreeBSD Ports
ptl-2.1.7 - Portable user-level Thread Library 2 written by Kota Abe (At NetBSD packages collection)

p5-SETI-Stats-1.06 - Perl module for local/remote access to SETI@home stats

At FreeBSD Ports

Libraries and Functions

Others not displayed here
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