Recent Additions to RocketAware

Recent additions
May 2002 Major content update integrating more than 7000 items.
added 2000 links to open source software.
added 3000 book listings
added 1800 links to IEEE article abstracts
added more than 500 links to Questions and Answers.
Removed stale links.

May 2002 Version 11 user interface. (Version 9,10 were internal experimental only.) Set sidebar to the right side for better layout.

August 2001 Version 8 user interface. (Version 7 was internal experimental only.) Improved checklist selectors.

July 2001 1400 PHP functions categorized

March 2001 Version 6 user interface. Checklist selectors.

January 2001 Version 5 user interface. Can Add/Hide subsets.
Entire database converted to follow Dublin Core Metadata.

November 2000. Brand new, version 4 user interface. The most intuitive yet! Drop down menus allow selective addition and hiding of subsets, each shown with an item count. (Bottom of the page leads to additional views as well.) Faster page load times.
November 2000. Added categories to accomodate growth. Now more than 265 subject pages

November 2000. Over 2500 projects at SourceForge

October 2000. Q&A from the DaemonNews answerman column

September 2000. Forms on each page to select subsets

April 2000. A whole new PERL section of RocketAware.

March 2000. POSIX and ANSI indications added for man pages.

February 2000. Thousands of links to man page variants (RedHat, Solaris, sources, etc.)

11/22/99 boost to ! Aware:More than 300 RocketLinks to UNC Metalab software archives
11/8/99 boost to ! Aware: Copyleft orbit for visitors who prefer to see GPL and LGPL software.
10/27/99 boost to ! Aware: Ask Slashdot orbit, featuring a by subject index to more than 500 questions.
10/25/99 boost to ! Aware: comp.sources.unix orbit, featuring links to more than 1000 utilities and functions with source code back to 1983!
10/20/99 boost to ! Aware: more than 1,000 FAQs, and a new orbit

The opening day collection (October 1999) included more than

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