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Text Output

generating text and character output.
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Platform: Unix/BSD/Linux.
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Related Subjects (Perl)

See also: Terminal I/O - TTY (character based display and keyboard) and related routines.

See also: NUL Terminated String processing - NUL terminated string operations (strcpy, strlen, etc)

See also: File filtering and processing - Methods of filtering and processing files. (character translation, comparison, search, word counts, etc.)

Up to User Interface - Gateway topic to presentation (like printing and graphics) and user interface routines. Textual User Interfaces Curses et al.

Up to Text Strings - Gateway topic to character and string processing routines. NUL Terminated String processing String conversions,et al. ascii to long, long to

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(Perl delta 5.003 to 5.004) printf and sprintf No qualified books.

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How can I set up a footer format to be used with write()?

Perl FAQ

How can I write() into a string?

Perl FAQ

How can I output my numbers with commas added?

Perl FAQ

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(PERL predefined variable) autoflush HANDLE EXPR If set to nonzero, forces a flush right away and after every write or print on the currently selected output channel. Default is 0.

(PERL predefined variable) format_page_number HANDLE EXPR The current page number of the currently selected output channel.

(PERL predefined variable) format_lines_per_page HANDLE EXPR The current page length (printable lines) of the currently selected output channel. Default is 60.

(PERL predefined variable) format_lines_left HANDLE EXPR The number of lines left on the page of the currently selected output channel.

(PERL predefined variable) format_name HANDLE EXPR The name of the current report format for the currently selected output channel. Default is name of the filehandle.

(PERL predefined variable) format_top_name HANDLE EXPR The name of the current top-of-page format for the currently selected output channel. Default is name of the filehandle with _TOP appended.

(PERL predefined variable) format_line_break_characters HANDLE EXPR The current set of characters after which a string may be broken to fill continuation fields (starting with ^) in a format. Default is " \n-", to break on whitespace or hyphens.

(PERL predefined variable) format_formfeed HANDLE EXPR What formats output to perform a form feed. Default is \f.

(PERL predefined variable) $ACCUMULATOR The current value of the write() accumulator for format() lines.

(Perl builtin function) format Declare a picture format with use by the write() function.

(Perl builtin function) formline PICTURE,LIST formats (see the perlform manpage) a list of values.

(Perl builtin function) print FILEHANDLE LIST Prints a string or a comma-separated list of strings.

(Perl builtin function) printf FILEHANDLE FORMAT, LIST Equivalent to print FILEHANDLE sprintf(FORMAT, LIST).

perl5 module to print arrays of elements in sorted columns. p5-Array-PrintCols-2.1 Perl5 module to print arrays of elements in sorted columns

At FreeBSD Ports
Array::PrintCols - Defines a subroutine to print your arrays in aligned columns. Also see the ShowTable module in the Array directory.

ShowTable - Pretty-prints arrays, converting from columnar ASCII data. In the Array/ directory. Also see Array::PrintCols above. [Perl] {oss}


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