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No glob() or <*>

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No glob() or <*>
These operators may spawn the C shell (csh), which cannot be made safe. This restriction will be lifted in a future version of Perl when globbing is implemented without the use of an external program.

No spawning if tainted $CDPATH, $ENV, $BASH_ENV
These environment variables may alter the behavior of spawned programs (especially shells) in ways that subvert security. So now they are treated as dangerous, in the manner of $IFS and $PATH.

No spawning if tainted $TERM doesn't look like a terminal name
Some termcap libraries do unsafe things with $TERM. However, it would be unnecessarily harsh to treat all $TERM values as unsafe, since only shell metacharacters can cause trouble in $TERM. So a tainted $TERM is considered to be safe if it contains only alphanumerics, underscores, dashes, and colons, and unsafe if it contains other characters (including whitespace).

Source: what's new for perl5.004
Copyright: Larry Wall, et al.
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