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Curses (Library for text display interface) on screen menus
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Libraries and Components: Showing

menu_requestname (3) - handle printable menu request names {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu (3) - curses extension for programming menus {oss}

menu_attributes (3) - color and attribute control for menus {oss}

menu_cursor (3) - position a menu's cursor {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_driver (3) - command-processing loop of the menu system {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_format (3) - set and get menu sizes {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_hook (3) - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_items (3) - make and break connections between items and menus {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_mark (3) - get and set the menu mark string {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_new (3) - create and destroy menus {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_opts (3) - set and get menu options {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_pattern (3) - get and set a menu's pattern buffer {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_post (3) - write or erase menus from associated subwindows {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_spacing (3) - Control spacing between menu items. {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_userptr (3) - associate application data with a menu item {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

menu_win (3) - make and break menu window and subwindow associations {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

mitem_current (3) - set and get current_menu_item {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

mitem_name (3) - get menu item name and description fields {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

mitem_new (3) - create and destroy menu items {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

mitem_opts (3) - set and get menu item options {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

mitem_userptr (3) - associate application data with a menu item {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

mitem_value (3) - set and get menu item values {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

mitem_visible (3) - check visibility of a menu item {oss}

Source code: OpenBSD

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