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NDC(8)                                                     NDC(8)

       ndc - name daemon control interface

       ndc directive [ ... ]

       This  command allows the name server administrator to send
       various signals to the name  server,  or  to  restart  it.
       Zero  or  more directives may be given, from the following

       status Displays the current status of named  as  shown  by

       dumpdb Causes  named  to  dump  its  database and cache to
              /etc/namedb/tmp/named_dump.db (uses  the  INT  sig-

       reload Causes  named  to  check  the serial numbers of all
              primary and secondary zones  and  to  reload  those
              that have changed (uses the HUP signal.)

       stats  Causes    named   to   dump   its   statistics   to
              /etc/namedb/tmp/named.stats (uses the IOT  or  ABRT

       trace  Causes  named to increment its ``tracing level'' by
              one.  Whenever the tracing level is nonzero,  trace
              information       will      be      written      to
              /etc/namedb/tmp/named.run.  Higher  tracing  levels
              result  in  more  detailed  information.  (Uses the
              USR1 signal.)

              Causes named to set its ``tracing level'' to  zero,
              closing  /etc/namedb/tmp/named.run  if  it  is open
              (uses the USR2 signal.)

              Causes named to toggle the ``query  logging''  fea-
              ture,  which while on will result in a syslog(3) of
              each incoming query (uses the WINCH signal.)   Note
              that query logging consumes quite a lot of log file
              space.  This directive may also be given as qrylog.

       start  Causes  named  to  be  started, as long as it isn't
              already running.

       stop   Causes named to be stopped, if it is running.

              Causes named to be killed and restarted.

                        November 27, 1994                       1

NDC(8)                                                     NDC(8)

       Arguments to named are not preserved by restart, or  known
       by  start.   Some mechanism for controlling the parameters
       and environment should exist.

       Implemented as a sh(1) script.

       Paul Vixie (Internet Software Consortium)

       named(8), named.reload(8), named.restart(8)

                        November 27, 1994                       2

Source: OpenBSD 2.6 man pages. Copyright: Portions are copyrighted by BERKELEY
SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

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FreeBSD Sources for ndc(8)
OpenBSD sources for ndc(8)

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Up to: Host, service name, and address operations - Methods and functions for doing address, host, user, and service name lookups (DNS). also Internet Assigned Numbers

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