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ipfstat(8)                                             ipfstat(8)

       ipfstat  -  reports on packet filter statistics and filter

       ipfstat [ -aAfhIinosv ] [ -d <device> ]

       ipfstat examines /dev/kmem using  the  symbols  _fr_flags,
       _frstats,  _filterin, and _filterout.  To run and work, it
       needs to be able to read both  /dev/kmem  and  the  kernel

       The  default  behaviour of ipfstat is to retrieve and dis-
       play the accumulated statistics which  have  been  accumu-
       lated  over time as the kernel has put packets through the

       -a     Display the accounting filter list and  show  bytes
              counted against each rule.

       -A     Display packet authentication statistics.

       -d <device>
              Use  a  device  other than /dev/ipl for interfacing
              with the kernel.

       -f     Show fragment state  information  (statistics)  and
              held  state  information  (in the kernel) if any is

       -h     Show per-rule the number of times each one scores a
              "hit".  For use in combination with -i.

       -i     Display  the filter list used for the input side of
              the kernel IP processing.

       -I     Swap between retrieving "inactive"/"active"  filter
              list details.  For use in combination with -i.

       -n     Show  the  "rule  number"  for  each  rule as it is

       -o     Display the filter list used for the output side of
              the kernel IP processing.

       -s     Show packet/flow state information (statistics) and
              held state information (in the kernel)  if  any  is

       -v     Turn  verbose  mode  on.   Displays  more debugging


ipfstat(8)                                             ipfstat(8)

       The role of ipfstat is to display current  kernel  statis-
       tics gathered as a result of applying the filters in place
       (if any) to packets going in and out of the kernel.   This
       is  the  default operation when no command line parameters
       are present.

       When supplied with either -i or -o, it will  retrieve  and
       display  the  appropriate  list  of filter rules currently
       installed and in use by the kernel.


       ipf(1), ipfstat(1)

       none known.


Source: OpenBSD 2.6 man pages. Copyright: Portions are copyrighted by BERKELEY
SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

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FreeBSD Sources for ipfstat(8)
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