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CCDCONFIG(8)            OpenBSD System Manager's Manual           CCDCONFIG(8)

     ccdconfig - configuration utility for the concatenated disk driver

     ccdconfig [-cv] ccd ileave flags dev [...]
     ccdconfig -C [-v] [-f config_file]
     ccdconfig -u [-v] ccd [...]
     ccdconfig -U [-v] [-f config_file]
     ccdconfig -g [-M core] [-N system] [ccd [...]]

     Ccdconfig is used to dynamically configure and unconfigure concatenated
     disk devices, or ccds.  For more information about the ccd, see ccd(4).

     The options are as follows:

     -c      Configure a ccd.  This is the default behavior of ccdconfig.

     -C      Configure all ccd devices listed in the ccd configuration file.

     -f config_file
             When configuring or unconfiguring all devices, read the file
             config_file instead of the default /etc/ccd.conf.

     -g      Dump the current ccd configuration in a format suitable for use
             as the ccd configuration file.  If no arguments are specified,
             every configured ccd is dumped.  Otherwise, the configuration of
             each listed ccd is dumped.

     -M core
             Extract values associated with the name list from core instead of
             the default /dev/mem.

     -N system
             Extract the name list from system instead of the default /bsd.

     -u      Unconfigure a ccd.

     -U      Unconfigure all ccd devices listed the ccd configuration file.

     -v      Causes ccdconfig to be verbose.

     A ccd is described on the command line and in the ccd configuration file
     by the name of the ccd, the interleave factor, the ccd configuration
     flags, and a list of one or more devices.  The flags may be represented
     as a decimal number, a hexadecimal number, a comma-separated list of
     strings, or the word ``none''. The flags are as follows:

           CCDF_SWAP      0x01      Interleave should be dmmax
           CCDF_UNIFORM   0x02      Use uniform interleave
           CCDF_MIRROR    0x04      Enable data mirroring
           CCDF_OLD       0x08      Use old unoptimized I/O protocol

     The format in the configuration file appears exactly as if it were en-
     tered on the command line.  Note that on the command line and in the con-
     figuration file, the flags argument is optional.

           # /etc/ccd.conf
           # Configuration file for concatenated disk devices

           # ccd           ileave  flags   component devices
           ccd0            16      none    /dev/sd2e /dev/sd3e

     The following command, executed from the command line, would configure
     ccd0 with 4 components (/dev/sd2e, /dev/sd3e, /dev/sd4e, /dev/sd5e), and
     an interleave factor of 32 blocks.

           # ccdconfig ccd0 32 0 /dev/sd2e /dev/sd3e /dev/sd4e /dev/sd5e

     /etc/ccd.conf - default ccd configuration file.

     ccd(4),  rc(8).

     The ccdconfig command first appeared in NetBSD 1.0A.

OpenBSD 2.3                      July 17, 1995                               2

Source: OpenBSD 2.6 man pages. Copyright: Portions are copyrighted by BERKELEY
SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

(Corrections, notes, and links courtesy of RocketAware.com)

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