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Sockets FAQ

Sockets FAQ:1. General Information and Concepts
Sockets FAQ:1.1 What's new?
Sockets FAQ:1.2 About this FAQ
Sockets FAQ:1.3 Who is this FAQ for?
Sockets FAQ:1.4 What are Sockets?
Sockets FAQ:1.5 How do Sockets Work?
Sockets FAQ:1.6 Where can I get source code for the book [book title]?
Sockets FAQ:1.7 Where can I get more information?

Sockets FAQ:2. Questions regarding both Clients and Servers (TCP/SOCK_STREAM)
Sockets FAQ:2.1 How can I tell when a socket is closed on the other end?
Sockets FAQ:2.2 What's with the second parameter in bind()?
Sockets FAQ:2.3 How do I get the port number for a given service?
Sockets FAQ:2.4 If bind() fails, what should I do with the socket descriptor?
Sockets FAQ:2.5 How do I properly close a socket?
Sockets FAQ:2.6 When should I use shutdown()?
Sockets FAQ:2.7 Please explain the TIME_WAIT state.
Sockets FAQ:2.8 Why does it take so long to detect that the peer died?
Sockets FAQ:2.9 What are the pros/cons of select(), non-blocking I/O and SIGIO?
Sockets FAQ:2.10 Why do I get EPROTO from read()?
Sockets FAQ:2.11 How can I force a socket to send the data in its buffer?
Sockets FAQ:2.12 Where can I get a library for programming sockets?
Sockets FAQ:2.13 How come select says there is data, but read returns zero?
Sockets FAQ:2.14 Whats the difference between select() and poll()?
Sockets FAQ:2.15 How do I send [this] over a socket?
Sockets FAQ:2.16 How do I use TCP_NODELAY?
Sockets FAQ:2.17 What exactly does the Nagle algorithm do?
Sockets FAQ:2.18 What is the difference between read() and recv()?
Sockets FAQ:2.19 I see that send()/write() can generate SIGPIPE. Is there any advantage to handling the signal, rather than just ignoring it and checking for the EPIPE error? Are there any useful parameters passed to the signal catching function?
Sockets FAQ:2.20 After the chroot(), calls to socket() are failing. Why?
Sockets FAQ:2.21 Why do I keep getting EINTR from the socket calls?
Sockets FAQ:2.22 When will my application receive SIGPIPE?
Sockets FAQ:2.23 What are socket exceptions? What is out-of-band data?
Sockets FAQ:2.24 How can I find the full hostname (FQDN) of the system I'm

Sockets FAQ:3. Writing Client Applications (TCP/SOCK_STREAM)
Sockets FAQ:3.1 How do I convert a string into an internet address?
Sockets FAQ:3.2 How can my client work through a firewall/proxy server?
Sockets FAQ:3.3 Why does connect() succeed even before my server did an accept()?
Sockets FAQ:3.4 Why do I sometimes lose a server's address when using more than one server?
Sockets FAQ:3.5 How can I set the timeout for the connect() system call?
Sockets FAQ:3.6 Should I bind() a port number in my client program, or let the
Sockets FAQ:3.7 Why do I get "connection refused" when the server isn't running?
Sockets FAQ:3.8 What does one do when one does not know how much information is comming

Sockets FAQ:4. Writing Server Applications (TCP/SOCK_STREAM)
Sockets FAQ:4.1 How come I get "address already in use" from bind()?
Sockets FAQ:4.2 Why don't my sockets close?
Sockets FAQ:4.3 How can I make my server a daemon?
Sockets FAQ:4.4 How can I listen on more than one port at a time?
Sockets FAQ:4.5 What exactly does SO_REUSEADDR do?
Sockets FAQ:4.6 What exactly does SO_LINGER do?
Sockets FAQ:4.7 What exactly does SO_KEEPALIVE do?
Sockets FAQ:4.8 How can I bind() to a port number < 1024?
Sockets FAQ:4.9 How do I get my server to find out the client's address / hostname?
Sockets FAQ:4.10 How should I choose a port number for my server?
Sockets FAQ:4.11 What is the difference between SO_REUSEADDR and SO_REUSEPORT?
Sockets FAQ:4.12 How can I write a multi-homed server?
Sockets FAQ:4.13 How can I read only one character at a time?
Sockets FAQ:4.14 I'm trying to exec() a program from my server, and attach my socket's IO to it, but I'm not getting all the data across. Why?

Sockets FAQ:5. Writing UDP/SOCK_DGRAM applications
Sockets FAQ:5.1 When should I use UDP instead of TCP?
Sockets FAQ:5.2 What is the difference between "connected" and "unconnected" sockets?
Sockets FAQ:5.3 Does doing a connect() call affect the receive behaviour
Sockets FAQ:5.4 How can I read ICMP errors from "connected" UDP sockets?
Sockets FAQ:5.5 How can I be sure that a UDP message is received?
Sockets FAQ:5.6 How can I be sure that UDP messages are received in order?
Sockets FAQ:5.7 How often should I re-transmit un-acknowleged messages?
Sockets FAQ:5.8 How come only the first part of my datagram is getting through?
Sockets FAQ:5.9 Why does the socket's buffer fill up sooner than expected?
Sockets FAQ:6. Advanced Socket Programming
Sockets FAQ:6.1 How would I put my socket in non-blocking mode?
Sockets FAQ:6.2 How can I put a timeout on connect()?
Sockets FAQ:7. Sample Source Code

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