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[IEEE Std1003.2-1992 (``POSIX.2'')]

UUENCODE(1)                OpenBSD Reference Manual                UUENCODE(1)

     uuencode, uudecode - encode/decode a binary file

     uuencode [file] name
     uudecode [-p] [file ...]

     uuencode and uudecode are used to transmit binary files over transmission
     mediums that do not support other than simple ASCII data.

     uuencode reads file (or by default, the standard input) and writes an en-
     coded version to the standard output.  The encoding uses only printing
     ASCII characters and includes the mode of the file and the operand name
     for use by uudecode.

     uudecode transforms ``uuencoded'' files (or by default, the standard in-
     put) into the original form.  The resulting file is named name and will
     have the mode of the original file except that set-user-ID and execute
     bits are not retained.  If the -p option is specified, the output will
     instead be written to stdout.  uudecode ignores any leading and trailing

     The following example packages up a source tree, compresses it, uuencodes
     it and mails it to a user on another system.  When uudecode is run on the
     target system, the file ``src_tree.tar.Z'' will be created which may then
     be uncompressed and extracted into the original tree.

           tar cf - src_tree | compress |
           uuencode src_tree.tar.Z | mail sys1!sys2!user

     The uudecode and uuencode utilities exit 0 on success or >0 if an error

     compress(1),  mail(1),  uucp(1),  uuencode(5)

     The uudecode and uuencode utilities conform to IEEE Std1003.2-1992

     The uudecode and uuencode utilities appeared in 4.0BSD.

     The encoded form of the file is expanded by 35% (3 bytes become 4 plus
     control information).

OpenBSD 2.6                      June 6, 1993                                1

Source: OpenBSD 2.6 man pages. Copyright: Portions are copyrighted by BERKELEY
SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

(Corrections, notes, and links courtesy of RocketAware.com)

[Detailed Topics]
FreeBSD Sources for uuencode(1)
OpenBSD sources for uuencode(1)

[Overview Topics]

Up to: File filtering and processing - Methods of filtering and processing files. (character translation, comparison, search, sort, word counts, etc.)
Up to: File Transfer and Distribution - Protocols and Methods of transfering files and directories, distributing and installing software. (file collections and archives, FTP, cvsup, NFS, et al.)

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[IEEE Std1003.2-1992 (``POSIX.2'')]

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