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FONTEDIT(1)                                           FONTEDIT(1)

       fontedit - Edit fonts.

       fontedit file

       Fontedit  is used to edit the down line reloadable charac-
       ter set (DRCS) of a VT220 terminal.  The  editor  has  two
       display  areas,  one  for  displaying  the entry currently
       being manipulated, and one  for  displaying  the  complete
       DRCS.   Commands  to  the editor take the form of function

       Fontedit takes one command line parameter,  a  file  name.
       This  file is used to save the character set.  If the file
       exists when fontedit is invoked, it is read in to initial-
       ize the DRCS.  The file is written to when fontedit exits.

       Commands to fontedit take the form of function keys.   The
       current definitions are:

       HELP   Display a help screen.

       F6     Turn the pixel under the cursor on.

       F7     Turn the pixel under the cursor off.

       F13    Clear the display area.

       Find   Save  the  current  font in the font table.  Update
              the DRCS display.

       Select Extract the entry selected by  the  cursor  in  the
              DRCS display.

       Prev   Move  the  cursor to the previous entry in the DRCS

       Next   Move the cursor to the next entry in the DRCS  dis-

       Insert Insert a blank line at the current cursor position.
              The bottom row is lost.

       Remove Remove the row at the current cursor position.  All
              rows below the current one are shifted up.

              Move the cursor in the main display area.

       If the screen gets garbled, press <control-L>.

       To  exit  fontedit,  press  <control-D>.  The DRCS will be

                              LOCAL                             1

FONTEDIT(1)                                           FONTEDIT(1)

       saved in file.  To  exit  without  saving  the  DRCS,  hit
       interrupt (usually DEL).

       Fontedit  will issue a warning when the entry being worked
       on is not saved, and some potentially destructive command,
       like  Select  is  used.   To override the warning message,
       immediately reissue the command.

       Greg Franks.

                              LOCAL                             2

Source: OpenBSD 2.6 man pages. Copyright: Portions are copyrighted by BERKELEY
SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

(Corrections, notes, and links courtesy of RocketAware.com)

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