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Gateway category to execution, processes, and algorithms
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Professions, Sciences, Humanities, Business, ...

User Interface
Text-based, GUI, Audio, Video, Keyboards, Mouse, Images,...

Text Strings
Conversions, tests, processing, manipulation,...

Integer, Floating point, Matrix, Statistics, Boolean, ...

Algorithms, Memory, Process control, Debugging, ...

Stored Data
Data storage, Integrity, Encryption, Compression, ...

Networks, protocols, Interprocess, Remote, Client Server, ...

Hard World
Timing, Calendar and Clock, Audio, Video, Printer, Controls...

File System
Management, Filtering, File & Directory access, Viewers, ...

Subject Divisions (Man pages)
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Algorithms - sorting, searching, etc.

Error Handling and Logging - Handling errors and logging. (syslog, error tables, et al)

Functions with variable numbers of arguments - Functions with variable number of arguments (vararg, stdarg, va_arg, etc.)

Memory blocks (Sometimes called "Byte Strings") - Memory blocks. Allocated, shared, mmaped, kernel et al

Bit-strings - Data structures implementing bit vectors, bit arrays

Current Process Control - control of the currently running process, longjmp, wait, sleep, argument processing

Process Creation and Control - covers child process control (like sending signals), renice, fork, et al

Debugging and Tracing - (utilities, system and library calls which support debugging and tracing)

Process Signals and Events - Sending and handling signals and events.

Running Process Information - Getting information on running processes.

Process Limits - Permission and access restriction (files, resources, etc)

Local machine and Operating System Information - kernel topics, uname, boot, shutdown, et al

Libraries - Object (compiled) libraries, linked and dynamically loaded. Static and Shared libraries

Data structures (In memory) - Data structures in memory. Queues, lists, graphs, trees, etc.

#Overviews and other related subjects# - related, but not under or including this subject directly.

Related Subjects (Man pages)
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Real-Time related - time of day, elapsed time, sleeping, waiting for events. time(), gmtime(), localtime(), etc.

Math - Gateway topic to math and numeric processing routines.

Local Process Communication - Communication between processes running on the same system. Synchronization. File locking. Signals. FIFOs, pipes, et al

Remote Process Communication - Methods of communicating to remote processes. Remote Procedure Calls, sockets, data format translation, et al

Command Shells and Scripting Languages

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