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Communication Implementation

low level implementation, multicast, ppp, slip, wrappers,firewalls, et al
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See also: Communication Filtering and Firewalls

See also: Communication and Network Monitoring - (including status reporting, logging, et al)

Routing - Implementation of routing for communications and networking

Multicast - Implementation of multicast routing for communications and networking

PPP - Point to Point Protocols, including PPP and SLIP

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Up to Communications

See also: Communication Scripting - Methods of " scripting " a communication connection. Sequencing and handshaking based on replies, et al.

See also: Socket and I/O Operations - socket() and related functions. Packet filtering.

See also: Communication Debugging - Status, tracing, and debugging communications and protocols.

Communication Configuration - SNMP, Network configuration and management tools, et al

Higher level implementation is covered at Client Server Implementation - clients and servers (listeners) in general. Technologies, frameworks

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